Sunday, December 2, 2012

How to use Governance Registry with Non-English characters.

If you want to use Governance Registry with Non-English(Chinese , Russian , Spanish, ..etc ) characters, you can follow the one of the following method as a solution.

1) Firs
t approach :

Add -Dfile.encoding="UTF8" property as a command line argument in the startup scrip.

Eg:  In Windows.

Eg : In Linux

2) Second approach :

Start the Governance Registry with the proper encoding type of the characters

-Dcarbon.registry.character.encoding={Encoding type of the characters}
Eg: If you want to use Cyrillic characters,  start the Governance Registry with following system property.

Linux :
sh -Dcarbon.registry.character.encoding=Windows-1251

wso2server.bat  -Dcarbon.registry.character.encoding=Windows-1251

(Windows-1251 is the encoding type of the Cyrillic characters)

*Please see the more details on documentation [1]