Saturday, February 7, 2015

SSL termination - API Gateway.

SSL Termination-API Gateway

WSO2 API Manager product consist with  following four components.

1. API Publisher
2. API Store
3. API Gateway
4. API Key Manager

API Publisher:

API publisher provides three rich wizard (Design / Implement/ Publish) to create an enterprise API.  

API Store:

The published APIs are visible in API store, that provides all the enterprise API store capabilities like subscribe,  token generate, rate , API docs , client tools ..etc.

API Gateway

The published APIs will be deployed in the API Gateway. All the inbound and out bound API request will be accepted by API Gateway. You can publish APIs using both HTTP and/or HTTPS.

API Key Manager

 Once the request comes to API Gateway , that will be redirected to the API Key Manager to validate the authentication tokens.

If the token is valid, API Gateway can forward the request to the actual  back end API or service through Non- TLS connection (HTTP) or TLS (HTTPS) connection.

 If the token is invalid, API Gateway terminate the request and send back the authentication failure respond to the client who invoked the API.


# - All the APIs (exposed by API Gateway) has the public certificate of the API Gateway. The client (who invoke the API) will  use that certificate to establish the TLS connection with API Gateway.

# - All four components of API manager can be clustered separately to achieve the high availability and load balancing in each layer.

# - The API meta data has sored in  registry database (REG_DB) and API Manager database (AM_DB) , therefore those two databases should be shared across publisher, store and key manager components.

# - The reverse proxy servers has  established against the API gateway and API store to add for more security and load balancing.